Setting Metal

White Gold

White gold is a very popular choice for jewellery. Jason Withers 18K White Gold is alloyed with Palladium, which unlike nickel and zinc (still used by most retailers) is a very rare, precious metal in the Platinum family that does not tarnish or discolour. This ensures a longer life and a whiter, brighter finish.

Our White Gold is finished with a final plating of Rhodium, one of the rarest metals on Earth. This enhances the shiny, bright white finish that attracts so many people to White Gold. When buying a wedding band and engagement ring set, it is imperative that both rings be made of the same metal. If one is Platinum and the other White Gold, the Platinum will rapidly deteriorate the White Gold because of their different densities and durability.

Yellow Gold

Gold is graded not by weight, but by purity called Karats. Pure Gold is 24K, but is too soft for use in jewellery. The best purity of gold for jewellery is 18K, or 75% pure gold and 25% alloy. This is what we always use at Jason Withers Original Diamonds, as it ensures excellent wearability and a fabulous colour.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is yellow gold alloyed with copper to create a pretty, pinkish hue. It’s great for antique style rings, or to enhance coloured fancy diamonds or other reddish or pink gemstones.


Platinum is a silvery-white, precious metal which when alloyed to correct standards is more expensive than gold, due to its rarity and manufacturing difficulties. Unlike the best gold, which with constant wear has a lifespan of about fifty years; platinum is much harder and more durable and lasts for three lifetimes. Jason Withers only uses the best, with 95% platinum and 5% Ruthenium alloy, a precious metal in the same family. Platinum of this grade is stamped with "PLAT" or “950”.

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