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How to shop smart and know the perfect diamond engagement ring

For many men, the idea of choosing an engagement ring can be daunting, and it's hard to know where to begin. It's usually the only time you'll have to know about diamonds and other gemstones, and the terminology involved can be overwhelming. We take you back to the basics.

Download the PDF guide here.


There are a lot of guidelines with dedicating a budget to the engagement ring, such as two or three months' salary. Forget about this! You're heading into a part of your life with a lot of expenses. Proposals themselves can often cost a fair penny, and with engagements come weddings and honeymoons, not to mention everyday expenses! We suggest a starting point of $3,000 to afford something nice. Work from there until you're comfortable. This should be exciting, not stressful! We require a minimum 65% deposit to begin – so bear that in mind.


We require four weeks for custom-designed rings, to perfect the design, source the diamond, and make the ring to the highest possible standards. Please keep this in mind while planning the proposal!


If you don't know your partners ring size, don't worry – we can usually guess pretty close from the way you describe her. We offer a free resize on all our engagement rings anyway!

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