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We Chat To The Man Behind Brisbane’s Most Bespoke Jewellery Designs

By Laura Frendon | 28th Mar, 2019

Diamonds are forever

Influencing the Brisbane jewellery industry for over 37 years, Jason Withers is inspired by the work of his father as an international jewellery designer, beginning in the 1960s. Jewellery is in Jason’s blood, and as a one of Brisbane’s most regarded bespoke jewellery designers, diamond graders, and gemologists, he’s designed over 1,000 engagement rings to date.

Tell us a bit about some of your career highlights

I spent seven years between Russia, Belgium and London learning and dealing in the international diamond industry with De Beers Group and was invited to be a White Diamond Sightholder for them, which is a great honour. I also developed the first Australian iPhone and Android application software for my design catalogue and the ‘Ring Sizer App,’ which has been featured in Vogue Australia.

Do you have any areas of specialty?

I am a Diamond Grader, Gemologist and Master Jewellery Designer. At Jason Withers Original Diamonds, we provide a ‘while you wait’ design service, where clients can come in by appointment and have their dream ring created by me. We also do this for clients who want to combine their old heirloom pieces into a new, wearable item that can be passed down to their children.

What sort of experience do you provide your customers?

Each ring is as unique as the person it’s created for, and as such, each of the rings we design are made individually to fit with each client’s needs and specifications. We keep records of all of our designs so that over the years clients can add to their bridal sets, or create new gifts of love that complement their existing pieces. We only use high quality GIA Certified diamonds, gem stones and metals, which allows for a bespoke design, wearability, functionality and longevity.

Jason Withers

Tell us more about the different services you offer

We make bespoke engagement rings, wedding and eternity bands, earrings, diamond bracelets, necklaces and pendants to order, and also have a remodel service for clients’ old pieces they wish to give new life to. We provide a full after care service for all of these too, with free cleaning and polishing for life for all clients. We also give a complimentary centre diamond upgrade against competitor quoted diamonds.

Can you explain the difference between yourself as a wholesaler jeweller, and a typical retail jeweller?

When clients come to us the chain for a diamond is quite simple, as it goes from the international cutting and polishing house, to myself, and then straight to the client. Because of our integration with De Beers, as a white diamond sightholder we have access to high quality diamonds before the retailers, allowing us to pass on the wholesale savings to our clients. They get the best quality and service for their money without diluting the quality of the end piece.

What sets you apart from other jewellers?

We specialise in top D – F colour GIA Certified, ethically sourced diamonds as well as Argyle Pink diamonds. We give clients a free upgrade to the quality of their chosen diamond, whether it be a larger size, or higher colour and clarity, and handle the process ourselves from start to finish, which means more efficient turnaround times and superior attention to detail.

How has the business grown throughout the past decade?

We now have three studios; our Brisbane location at Spring Hill, our Sydney location in the CBD, and a studio in Hong Kong. Our live diamond feeds provide clients with unprecedented access to the market, allowing them to get a feel for what they’re looking for, and establish a suitable budget. Over the last decade, designs and manufacturing capabilities have changed enormously, giving us more scope to make intricate designs and give superior finishes to our pieces.

Jason Withers

What has the business got planned for 2019?

The jewellery industry is fast becoming like the retail fashion industry, cranking out repetitive mass-produced pieces that everyone has. We want to create your dream piece that’s just for you, and do so by taking into account your day to day activities, as well as your dream setting style. By choosing to work with an Australian family business, you are choosing to support local and will be given a lifetime of service.