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Client reviews

Sandy Yeh

Dear Jason:
I am absolutely delighted with my diamond; it fits the setting
beautifully and even my jeweler admitted that he could not get a better
stone for a better price. I tried to tell him about you but he seemed
resolved to stay with his present supplier. He uses cutters out of
India and I personally feel that the quality is inferior. I'll keep
trying and in the meantime, I'll call you if I need anything. Do you
deal in colored stones? I am a big fan of Rubies and would love to
have a pair of Burmese ruby earrings. Do you just deal in diamonds?
Again, you've been fabulous to work with and talk to. Thanks again.

Sandy Yeh

Jason Williams

Hi Jason,
Just a quick note to thank you for your help in the process of purchasing my stone. Once I was satisfied that I was not going to be at risk by buying over the internet the process was very smooth and painless, and your prices and attention to detail was excellent.
I have picked it up and it is exactly what I expected, an absolutely fantastic 2.18 specimen.
Thanks and Regards

Maria Papusheva

Dear Jason,

Thank you for all your help during the entire process of choosing and purchasing my loose diamond. The level of communication you provided far exceeds that given at a retail store. Your approach to customer service and satisfaction is both professional and personalised. I have never met anyone who is so helpful or kind in the jewellery business. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Your prices are by far the most competitive I have seen across the internet, 30%-50% less than other internet stores. I will definitely be back again, and will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Any one who is having doubts in buy over the internet or dealing with Original Diamonds, please feel free to contact me. I will gladly give you a reference.

Thank you for a beautiful stone and a pleasant experience!

Many thanks,
Maria Papusheva

Tu Tran

Dear Jason,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your expertise and professionalism in helping me select my loose stone for an engagement ring. It was more beautiful than I thought it would be. Even the jewellers thought that as well when I showed them. I had the stone valuated atferwards and it is valued at 3 times more than the purchase price. Thanks very much.

Paul weir

To Interested Diamond Purchasers
My scepticism of making a significant purchase over the internet was unfounded
when dealing with Original Diamonds. Original Diamonds delivered a product far
superior to any I had viewed in a retail outlet, and at around half the cost.
With the Australian Dollar hovering around US0.65 my savings were further
compounded. Jason provided a personalised service ensuring that I received the
best value for my money. I am now in possession of a stone with near
exceptional qualities.

Paul Weir


Hi Jason,
I received my order today and was very satisfied with the quality of
diamonds your company provided. I look forward to ordering from you again.
Thanks again, Renee
P.S. Thank you for handling the shipping issues

Matthew Parkes

Hi Jason, Just to let you know that I met Frank on Friday in Hatton Gardens and collected the stone. It really is beautiful and has such a sparkle to it, we are both really pleased with! Frank is a really nice guy, he sat me down at light table and gave me a loupe to check the diamond over with, I was able to see the engraving etc. The following day we took the ring to the Jewellery quarter in Birmingham and had it set in Platinum. The woman there checked the Stone's weight and then colour against some master stones and said that it was very good, when I told her the price she was very surprised and said it would have cost me another 1000 even in the Jewelery quarter. The final valuation for the ring came in at 5050 nearly twice what I paid. Having the stone laser engraved gave me peace of mind as I asked for the engraving to be visible between the Shank's prongs so I could verify it was betting back the same diamond. Would just like to say thanks for all your hard work I will place this in your websites guest book that's no probs, would recommend you to anybody. Regards Matt Parkes.

SJ Wall

Mr. Withers,

The diamond made it through customs and arrived on
Thursday. I'm not sure what caused the delay, but the
stone is indeed beautiful. I was out of town last
weekend (Texas), and will be in Philadelphia this
weekend, (where the stone will be set). Thank you for
all of your efforts and thoroughness. I'll be sure to
recommend you to my friends.

SJ Wall

Udo Bruinsma

Dear Jason,
Two days ago I received my ring and it is truly wonderful. I'm so glad I trusted you to make me a really nice ring. Being closely involved in all the steps from design to delivery, I feel this ring is much more than just a ring. It has a story to tell for itself:

I enjoyed every step in the process, starting with the design. I did the design at, a non-commercial website sponsored by diamond producers. Here you can combine any type of diamond with any type of metal and look instantaneous at the ring. This resulted in an excellent picture which I could send to Original Diamonds to indicate what I was looking for.

The next step was to select the stones for the ring. From the information on the Original Diamond pages, I had a pretty good idea what I was looking for. The priorities were set at Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Having a specific budget in mind, I asked Jason what he could offer me. After some clarifications he offered me a perfect heart&arrow brilliant, E color, VS1 clarity and 0.63 carat, together with two matching pear shaped stones, making the total weight above the psychological limit of 1 carat. We had the H&A graded by IGI and I added a personal comment in the girdle of the H&A.

After the selection of the stones and the design, Jason arranged to manufacture the ring as well (all within the budget). He used a manufacturer who did deliver a very nice setting, but he was in Jason's opinion a bit slow. I've never seen a guy put so much effort in speeding things up. Jason pursued him relentlessly and I was very glad he was on my side.

The ring got to the UK and a personal pickup was easily arranged. This was the first time I saw the ring and I was completely stunned by the beauty of it. Even though I went to multiple local jewelers, this ring was so much more sparkling, brighter, and whiter. Yesterday I looked through windows of local jewelers and I couldn't suppress a smile. Their price/quality ratio is completely ridiculous compared to the Original Diamond quotes

Jason, many thanks for your services, and take it from a Dutch guy in the UK: 'Echt Klasse!'

Udo Bruinsma
Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Michael Michaelides

Dear Jason
Just wanted to say that the princess cut diamond looks stunning. It was a big purchase for me and I wanted to thank you for your professionalism throughout. It took a little while but it was well worth it - a stunning stone at a great price. The UK jewellers who set it for me were very impressed with the quality and particularly the price. Thanks for everything. I've already recommended you to a few friends! Michael

Ian Jones

Collected the diamond yesterday from Frank,Thanks very much it's a beauty! Thanks for all your help. I will definately recomend you to my friends!

Mike Rickard

Hi Jason, just a quick E-Mail to say we have the stones. They are very
nice, just what you said they would be. we met Frank yesterday and all is
well. thank you for all your hard work in finding them. I,ll pass on your
E-mail to anybody that is looking for stones. I,m off to Vancouver now. so
thanks again.
Mike Rickard

Steve Hickey

Hi! Jason
I have just taken ownership of a marquise cut diamond. WOW what a ring, i did alot of shopping about and you were by far the most helpful and well priced supplier. Your service was second to none and i will be coming to you to purchase my wedding bands.
Great Job Original and Kind Regards Steve....

Lloyd Martin

More from Lloyd
Hi Jason,
I hope this email finds you well. I thought I'd drop you a quick note to
let you know that last Friday I finally collected the stone in its setting.
It was supposed to be ready at the jewellers the Friday before! However, I
have it now, and despite some worries along the way, it looks absolutely
great. It's set in a Platinum shank and is held by a small mount at each
edge of it's long axis so as to allow the maximum light to get through the
stone. It looks great.

I'm taking my girlfriend to Paris this coming weekend to offer her the ring.

Best personal regards,
Lloyd Martin


Your site is a diamond lovers delight.

Lloyd Martin

Ordered a .62 Marquise cut stone with colour E and clarity VS1. After a couple of minor delays to ensure that neither party would fall prey to internet fraud the stone was sourced, cut and polished to my exact specifications. (Any delays were understandable, I wasn't just buying a couple of CDs or some perfume.)
The stone arrived and I had it set by a local jeweller, who commented on what a beautiful, lively and well proportioned stone I'd bought. By the time I'd purchased the stone, and paid to have it set, I've made a massive saving on the UK price, plus, it makes the ring that little bit more special and unique. Extremely pleased over all. Thanks Original!
(Lloyd Martin-St Helens UK.)

June Krause

I have found all the answers to my questions about Diamonds in your web site. Very Good. June

Mrs Davis

I am so happy that I can now get Original Jewellery Cleaner over the internet, plus find that Diamond Pendant and price for my daughter's 21st, thanks Original.