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Many thanks to Jason at Original diamonds, his kind and professional approach to helping me select the right diamond was second to none. I would have to say that you would be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere, believe me I looked and would always come back to Jason's prices and quality!
sincere thanks,

Matt Whalan

A professional, helpful and very price competitive organisation. I had the pleasure of dealing with Jason who were always more than obliging. As a novice diamond hunter looking for the perfect diamond at a price 'original-diamonds' were amazing value. No wholesalers in sydney could match the quality and prices so I was a little cynical of a web based provider. I did my research and found the parent orgainsation was a reputable member of the jewellers association. this added to the returns policy Jason's professionalism allayed my fears. Having purchased my little stone my designer in Sydney was very impressed as he couldn't match the purchase price, which was a whole grade better in cut, clarity and colour than what I thought I could afford. My strongest recommendation is that I intend to continue to do business with Jason and have already referred my brother to them.


I'm a perfectionist so when I decided to ask my girlfriend to marry me I knew I had some research ahead of me. After several months of research I had a pretty good idea of what I would get for my money and what to look for so I wasn't going to get ripped off. I then went to many stores over Brisbane including Original Diamonds, but no place could match what Original Diamonds could offer. Jason Withers at Original Diamonds was so helpful and knowledgeable. Jason worked with me over a period of about three weeks to get my perfect stone for a great price. It was a certified Hearts and Arrows by HRD. For something similar through my Family jeweller I would have paid approximately 60% more. The Diamond was so good and such a good price that the Jeweller whom I engaged to make the ring wanted to know where I got it from so she could go buy one for her self. I am the first of my mates to 'hope off the market' and I can assure that all of my mates will be going to see Jason when their special girl comes along. Thanks Jason you are a legend and it was a pleasure doing business. No doubt you will see me again for a wedding ring and an eternity ring.

Ryan Ng

Finally, a chance to thank the great team behind Original. Received the diamond yesterday. :)

Now, I begun my quest for an e-ring diamond completely ignorant of a diamond quality. Only knowledge I have is 4 "C"s must be good = Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. A journey to a local retailer often end up with a:'' look at this BIG 1carat diamond or wow color D VVS1 perfect!!"
But when u ask about the cut, a standard reply will be Its an ideal belgium cut.
Interestingly these diamonds often look glassy rather than sparkling...
I suggest potential buyers to look at this:

Now, what makes me choose Originals over the rest of the online stores? I guess its the personal touch by Jason. My enquiries were answered promptly, there are no pushy sales nor pressure to buy. Further (I'm sure you guys will find this good) He took the effort to source an alternative stone for me to consider and help me rush on the personal laser inscriptions.

I'm sure a hold-back factor in everyone's mind will be:
Will I really get my diamond?
Will it really be the stone I bought?

Well! I had a pleasant shopping experience with Originals. And I got a much better stone than what I could possibly afford if I had bought from retailers.

Drop the guys a mail if you are looking for a good diamond, experience it yourself eh!



I did alot of research over the internet looking for a 1 carat diamond with great attributes, at a reasonable price, and from a reputable jeweller. Lucky for me I came across Original diamonds. I read alot of the customer feedback and spoke to Jason on many occasions. He was extremely helpful and put my mind at ease about purchasing over the internet through Original. Jason found me a great diamond at a great price. I purchased it, went up to Brisbane to look at it and speak to Jason personally. I loved the sparkle in the diamond and Jason helped me choose the right engagement ring that he could design for me. I did the surprise proposal while on holiday in Phuket and my fiancee absolutely adores it. I always catch her staring at it. Thanks Jason. You did a great job.


I cannot praise the team at Original Diamonds enough. I am so happy with the ring that they made for me. The diamond is stunning. You don't have to hand over a fortune to get a brilliant ring. I would recommended Original Diamonds to anyone. So please talk to or e-mail Original Diamonds they are very professional and are not pushy salespeople they know their diamonds you will not regret it.

Miss Monica

We liked your site .You are offering much more knowledge and information to the customers. We appreciate your effort.


We were very dubious about buying a diamond on line, especially sight unseen. However, Jason Withers was very patient with our questions and understood our concerns about security and we felt confident that he was able to deliver what we bought. I recommend a phone call or visit if possible to talk to Jason if you are interested in buying online.

If you do your research you will not find a better range of diamonds because Original Diamonds can search for stock in much larger markets that Australia. I recommend doing some research so you can understand the certificates and the prices.

Better prices and value would be difficult to find elsewhere.


Dear Jason,

The stone has finally arrived, and it's absolutely stunning! The great
thing is that for some reason, I wasn't charged any duties for it, so now
I'm really happy. I took it to a local diamond dealer here in South Africa
and he evaluated it and was able to confirm that everything is in order.
I'm most impressed with the excellent service that you have provided for me.
Thank you very much for taking the extra effort to see this through.



Penny and James

Hi Jason,
We wanted to let you know that we took possession of the ring today. It is
truly perfect! The interpretation of our wishes was 'spot on' . With all
details just right.
Companion diamond size was perfect, mounting method .......everything !
We would particularly like to pass on our sincere appreciation to you for
your attentive and continued involvement in the entire process. It was all
a very new experience for us and at times a little out of the ' comfort
but your diligence and dedication to the process as a whole made it a
comfortable and enjoyable experience. Culminating in a simply superb piece
of jewellery.
We look forward to doing business again on another project at some stage.
Once again many thanks - now all we have to do is stop looking at it
Sincere thanks,
Penny and James

Kate and Peter

"Many thanks for the wonderful service you have provided in our search for
the perfect engagement ring. You have given us a magnificent diamond at a
very reasonable price, and followed this with a truly personal service in
getting the stone mounted. The result is indeed a perfect ring and exactly
what we asked for and more - the trust and care you took in producing the
ring has made it all the more special. Thanks once again for making us both
extremely happy."


What a brilliant website. Your pictures are very vivid and the site is easy to use and your response to my questions was very prompt. Thank-you. Kind regards, Suzanne


I am an IT analyst, designer and networking specialist so I can speak from experience when I say that the website is developed very well. I even provided some insightful feedback "as you can always improve a product" so my feedback was in relation to the search sorts, and some of the information within the search results..but in comparison to other websites, especially those in this type of business, I found Jason to be the best. Some of the reasons why I found it better was the speed, how easy it was to use, how much valuable information is on the website and how up to date the database is, many companies (and there are a few shonkie one's around) tell you that they have up to date databases but they don't. Most stones I enquired about through Jason were available and this makes a big difference, if you don't believe me just test a few out it's easy. I only found one other competitor of value using in Australia but it came down to price and Jason's were slightly better every time.

I only found the website through a simple Google search and I, as many of you will be was very nervous and sceptical about this type of purchase, especially when you don't have loads of cash and are about to spend loads of cash, you want to securely insure delivery. Having said that there are ways you can minimise your risk, especially on the internet, there are many companies who also provide information about this so I hope my tips will help you purchase a stone this way with less stress than I had. To tell you the truth the further along it went (as I checked it out) the easier it became, so my advise is do your homework on both the stones and the company, you won't find flaws or I didn't anyway. I did an ASIC search on the company (this is free), I did a finance and fraud check using Lawpoint (which is a good one) but there are others. Some useful sites for information in this area are:, (for fraud guidelines booklet). I even received a call 5 minutes after committing the purchase from the ANZ fraud department who monitored the transaction (any unusual amount) , I didn't even know they did that so your banks are another good source of fraud information and security. Using a card is sometimes more secure I found..

I knew nothing about diamonds when I started looking for an engagement ring. I looked into diamonds for about 12 months, read many books and internet information, went to every jewellery store in Sydney (practically), and if you know me you know much of it isn't a joke. I looked at magazines for designs and information, this was one topic that became like an obsession, the more I looked, the more fascinated I got about feeding my brain diamond information. Sometimes a topic sticks to us like glue because we like it, this was one of those for me, I still feed myself information about stones and other things in this area as it is interesting. I don't suggest you get into it as much as I did because it's a little too much overhead for a novice purchaser. Eventually budget will kick in and you will back down what you think you can get to something realistic as with anything we buy, which through Jason is still an extremely good price, but you have to be realistic, you always get what you pay for, you just don't need to get ripped off. My opinion after 12 months of research, is that I will never buy any diamond (of significant value) through a jewellery store. If I do, atleast I now have a benchmark at which to gauge if the price is good or not. I looked into and met a few gemologists, a few other jewellery/diamond merchants (dealing closer to wholesale market not retail such as jewellery stores). You have to remember if you go to a Jewellery store they have other overheads which end up in your cost such as rent, staff, marketing etc... so one of the reasons this method is cheaper is the end to end supply chain format because they cut out the retail end of the supply chain and many of the traditional overheads or something along those lines.

To summarise, I was extremely impressed with Jason's professionalism, the stone which I decided to purchase, their upgrade policy and many more benefits they provide. I had a world renown designer make the ring for my fiancee (so you can always get a jeweller locally if you find their design what you like) to make the ring, or the website has really nice designs also. Jason will help guide you with the stones and is a valuable source of information for your purchase.

Both my fiancee and I are overwhelmed by how beautiful the final product and the centre stone is and how amazingly more expensive the valuation (although I know they are always slightly inflated) was. I ensured the stone with NRMA (my home contents) as a portable valuable, it's worth checking out their policy, I was happy with how cheap the quote was and what it covers.

I hope I was helpful in some way good luck. I am happy to be a reference point for anyone who needs to check this company out, just ask Jason for my email address upon request I'll give you a call or email.

Andrew Page

Dear Jason,

Just a quick note to express my thanks. Not having purchased a single diamond before (let alone carrying out the transaction over the internet), I was extremely surprised how simple you made the process. The service standards you set are amongst the best I have experienced.
As you know we purchased an additional couple of diamonds. They arrived late last week and again we are happy with the result.

As discussed, I will be in contact again later this year when I need 2 more stones for my wife's 40th birthday.


David Monaghan

Jason & Anastasia,

I picked up my diamond this morning in Antwerp and I am delighted with the quality
and presentation of my stone.

May I also add my sincere thanks to both of you for such great help and patience in
meeting my every request in this sale.

Thank you once again,


P.s I will be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues in the future.

Hugh Murnane

Hi Jason
Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Thanks very much for
delivering the platinum diamond ring in time for Christmas and at such short notice. Both myself and my fiance are delighted with it and it resulted in a great Christmas for us both.
Hugh Murnane


Dear Jason,

Thank you very much for all your help. The ring is just amazing, the diamond
is sparkling and very clear and the setting is perfect. I would strongly
recommend your services to anybody looking to purchase a diamond.

Best regards for the New Year,

Una - Dublin, Ireland


Hi Jason,
Just a quick note to thank you for all of your recent help with the
development of my engagement ring. I am absolutely delighted with the

Take care and I hope to speak to you again in the not too distant future.

Kind Regards,



John / Jason,

Thanks again for the ring and for your continued excellent service. My wife was
extremely impressed and absolutely loved the setting (and the stones of course!).
The only problem was that it now makes the wedding ring look insignificant! So I
will be in contact soon to look for a replacement!




Dear Jason,

Finally, on Saturday, I saw and got hold of the wonderful princess cut 1.45ct stone!!! It is so beautiful!!! I brought it to a jeweller who will now set it so that i will have it on xmas. Best gift ever!!

Thank you very much for your help. I wish you a very enjoyable holiday season and I will grant you next time I am looking for a stone I will again turn to you,

Regards, Monika