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Hi Jason

I just wanted to let you know everything went very well, she loved the
ring and so does everyone else that has seen definitely had
some serious bling in the sunlight!

Really appreciate your effort, time and it was fantastic dealing with
you. Look forward to having more jewellery done in the future.

Cheers Brendan


Jason and original diamonds are highly recommended. I ordered a .62 brilliant diamond with some fantastic specs for a much better price than was available locally. Jason was very helpful and payment and delivery painless. Everyone comments on the diamond\'s sparkle much to my now fiance\'s delight.
I can not recommend original diamonds enough. Thanks

Deepak Menon

I ran across your site while browsing the net - and though I am not even a prospective customer -d I think it is a very clean, honest, and perfect site with clarity for the people who are uninformed on this very specialised subject. The best thing about the site is that it voluntary parts with information to educate people across the board who visit it, without binding them to buy from your company. Hardly anyone cares to do that these days. Well done and wishes for you to prosper.

Martyn Vaughn

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your guidance and expert recommendations during the several week search for the right diamond for my wedding here in China. Selecting between the two final choices in Belgium and New York was extremely difficult as they were both nearly perfect. And your assistance in getting this rushed order from NY to HK arranged in time so I could schedule travel from Beijing to HK to pick it up was critical. With only the few day window with which I had to make it down to HK, it really was great to know it had already arrived and was awaiting me.

I met with Patric at the HK office yesterday and picked up the very nice stone; D-VVS1, AGS0, 1.113 carat. The transaction went perfectly. Truly the diamond is just awesome. I checked the cert enscribed on the girdle, all perfect. Patric is a very professional individual and quite the gentleman. Very nice to work through them.

Thanks for all of your assistance in getting this rush order from NY to HK arranged in time so I could schedule travel to HK to pick it up!

Best regards,


There is no better place on the web to buy gemstones especially diamonds. Jason Withers of Original-Diamonds not only took care of my diamond request - 3.01 c - D color stone, but made sure the diamond would be exactly what I needed. It was a supurb find. And at a price competitive with anyone. Original-Diamonds earned my trust. It is gratifying to know, I need look no further for any future purchase.

Johanna Nagel & John Kim

After a wonderful experience in January 2005 with Jason at Original Diamonds (helping us to create a spectacular diamond engagement ring), I decided to become a repeat customer. In March/April 2005, The diamond band is incredible - the quality of the stones and the setting is perfect. I'm not sure how many hours a day I spend staring at my sparkling finger!!

Jason, thanks so much for all of your help and patience. I have been recommending you to everyone I know.

Anna S

Original Diamonds was recommended to me by my coloured gemstone wholesaler. I also knew of Original Diamonds through a friend who had found the OD website & recommended it to me.
I already had the diamonds & sapphire & I approached them to make the ring for me. Despite my not being a "big ticket" customer, Jason was very patient with me and made me feel like a valued customer. The finished 3 stone, 18ct claw set ring was very elegant with a good eye for detail.
I look forward to dealing with Jason at Original Diamonds in the future. I will definitely go to Nick when I am looking for my next jewellery piece (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Debbie Brown

WOW! My dream ring arrived last night and my partner and I were both waiting at the airport for it full of excitement and nerves.

As we live thousands of kilometres away from the Original Diamonds office we were another couple who were very dubious about buying something so important on-line. After nearly 12 months of emails and phone calls we finally ordered my engagement ring 3 weeks ago. At the airport last night all our apprehensions turned to absolute joy as we opened the parcel and took the most stunning ring out of it's box. The ring is identical to the picture I had emailed to Nick and Jason and the valuation is twice that of what we paid . We could not be happier and are so very pleased that we found Original Diamonds. I am more than happy for anyone who would like to see a picture of the ring or ask for any further feedback to email me. I cannot recommend Original Diamonds highly enough.

Debbie Palmer

After visiting endless jewellers over the past 18 months, my partner and I decided to search the web as an alternative to find a ring.

Our search of the web brought us to Original Diamonds website.

When we searched their database we were surprised to see such a dramatic difference in the pricing of diamonds compared to the jewellers. (We had also been to a number of jewellery auctions).

With such a price difference and the fact that we had found original diamonds from a web search we were very concerned about purchasing a ring over the website from an unknown company.

I contacted many of the testimonial contacts on the website (to give me peace of mind) and was happy to receive emails from other people who had purchased rings. (a number of couples were so excited, that they even emailed me photos of their ring) The feedback was all positive.

I can now say that our concerns were unfounded and I now have my dream princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Nick and Jason were both fantastic and very patient with attending to my needs and concerns.

Jason even went the extra mile to hand deliver the ring to our home

They were very honest and upfront about educating us on our short list of diamonds. They actually statement that that one of the diamonds we had chosen was not a great stone... considering that this stone was more expensive than the diamond we purchased says a lot about their integrity and honesty.

Now that I have gone through the experience of purchasing a ring... I have started to tell all of my girl friends!

We saved over $10,000 purchasing the diamond ring through original diamonds and the ring is perfect!


Jules and Jason

The search for an exact copy of a designer engagement ring took us all around the world over six months.

During that time we saw many below grade imitations and we waited in vain for a US jeweler to fulfill his promise of making this replica in 18carat yellow gold and platinum.

An inspired internet search brought us to Jason Withers at Original Diamonds. Even though his very first email response gave us confidence in his work, it was not easy for us to decide on a stone thanks to the vast number of diamonds in stock. Jason never lost his patience with us throughout the weeks of questioning and continued to cheerfully offer advice on the best stone for our budget.

We finally made our decision and anxiously waited to see the results. Jason met us in Sydney yesterday to personally deliver my ring and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it. It is a sensational replica of the original, set with a gorgeous 1.37 carat, G VS2 hearts and arrows brilliant round diamond. I couldn't be happier even if it was an original. The detailed valuation at substantially more than what we paid is an added bonus.

If you are reading this; you probably haven't decided on your purchase yet and you are probably nervous about purchasing a high-ticket item like this over the internet. Our purchase was full of the same emotions and concerns but now we can't recommend Jason at Orignal Diamonds more highly.


For our recent wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to upgrade the stone in my engagement ring. After visiting what seemed like a thousand jewellers and diamond merchants we decided to try the internet. We discovered Original-Diamonds straight away and were very impressed with the set up of their website and the prompt reply we received to our enquiries. Nick helped us narrow down a list of "contenders" and then e-mailed us the certifications, as well as spoke directly to the office in Belgium to get a first hand account of what exactly the stones looked like. As a result I now have a very impressive 1.5 carat G colour, VG/VG, SI stone on my finger and I couldn't be happier with it. My jeweller says I have got the bargain of the century and with the money we saved I was able to turn my original stone into a stunning pendant! Thanks so much to Nick, I would recommend Original-Diamonds to anyone.

Mark Ayres

There are no two ways about it-diamonds are expensive! However after spending 4 months searching for a company to supply a diamond and manufacture an engagement ring I found Original Diamonds. They have exceeded my expectations in quality, value and customer service. The ring they made is stunning!! If you're in the market for a suberb product, look no further. Highly recommended!!

Johanna & John

Jason at Original Diamond's Brisbane facility now have another very happy customermy experience purchasing a engagement diamond and having it set was excellent.

I first called Jason in November 2004, after running a number of searches on stones in the website's database. Jason compared the characteristics of several stones with me. He was very generous with his time. On one of Jason's trips to Sydney he met with me to show me how big a 1.80 carat stone was (he showed me a CZ and let me keep it for a couple of weeks in order to judge if that was the size I was after). Soon after, I became quite interested in one particular stone in stock, but I didn't act quickly enough. Jason called to let me know that it was no longer available, but that his partner in Antwerp had a stone that might be an even better choice for me.

The stone sounded wonderful, and after several discussions with Jason, my fianc? and I decided to purchase it. Upon purchase, it was laser inscribed in Antwerp, and then was flown to Brisbane. After it arrived, Jason met my fianc? and me in Sydney and showed us our new diamond. It was spectacular and everything that I had hoped for in a 1.74 carat, H colour, VS1, hearts and arrows, HRD certified stone.

We let Jason take the stone back up to Brisbane, along with colour pictures of the exact setting that we wanted. Jason hand-made the platinum setting. I thought that he would make it similar to the picture, but I never imagined that he would make it identical. It is perfect, and is exactly to my specifications.

In late January 2005, my fianc? and I flew up to the Gold Coast for a mini-holiday, and Jason met us to deliver the finished product, along with a valuation certificate for insurance purposes. The ring was valued for substantially more than we paid, thus proving the benefits of using Original Diamonds as opposed to a retail shop.

The ring is now permanently on my hand, and is gorgeous. I've received daily comments about how spectacular the ring is. I'm so proud and happy about how it turned out. I intend to use Original Diamonds to design a matching platinum pave wedding band, as well as recommend the company to my friends who may be in the diamond market in the future!

James Holroyd

Many thanks to both Jason and John for providing a highly informative website, close personal service but above all for a beautiful diamond ring!

I would certainly recommend Original Diamonds to anyone looking to optimize their investment - a similar ring would have cost me at least 30% more if I had gone to a local jeweller.

Very best wishes.



I was really impressed with the excellent service I got from John and everyone at Original Diamonds. They were extremely patient with me and very helpful in helping me find the best possible diamond to fit within my criteria. I would certainly look to them first in the future.

Thanks again.

H Luc

After a bit of a nightmare with other diamond dealers, I eventually contacted John. His assistance and education was invaluable, stopped me from making further errors and I felt John was genuinely concerned with my needs rather than his back pocket.

His patience and willingness to create a ring to virtually the exact specifications I required has been greatly appreciated. Fantastic result and a happy bride to be. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Thanks again


As many others, this is the first time I had to buy a ring. I started doing a lot of research both online and in jewellery shops, but on one hand I couldn't find what I was looking for at the price I wanted, and on the other I really didn't trust buying such an important gift over the web. I was stuck. But then I found Original Diamonds, and after meeting John at his office I was completely reassured. This is not a web company, but a great jeweller. The service was excellent and the ring exceptionally beautiful, designed to my requirements. I would strongly recommend anyone to go to original diamonds, they are so professional and passionate about what they do!!! Many thanks.


Excelent product with highly knowledgeable and experienced staff. The service I received was superlative and I highly recommend making a visit.

Ann & Malcom

Let me tell you the story. Last December my daughter-in-law had a baby. Being a smart kid and picking her time, she sweetly suggested a 'diamond'. After all, the new daddy had a lovely baby daughter. Neither too happy with the precinct nor being in a position to invite international jewellers into any possible luxury hotel suite, my son asked me if I would check things out on the internet.
Happy to chase anything that 'sparkles' I readily agreed. In quick sticks, myself and my little mouse were navigating across continents; with rainbows in our eyes we soon had angles in our heads!
So let me tell you about buying a diamond. It should start with an education. Learn the facts behind the four C's. It's all there on Original Diamonds' web site. After that it's up to you: will you buy D and a smaller stone, or G and a slightly larger stone, ideal cut or excellent, VVS1or SI1, a whopper or a number of smaller stones. With the education you have received you will be able to make a considered choice.
There are a number of good web sites out there but we eventually chose to work through Original-Diamonds because they have access to a large and comprehensive stock and an agent, John, in London. John has a phone number: you can speak to him, or go and see him. He is entirely trust-worthy, he has a reputation to preserve. In other words, though you are buying at a highly competitive price on the web, there is still the personal touch. Knowing that certainly helped to remove my original fears and nervousness with regard to internet sales.
But back to my story. By this time, I realised that I could afford a little something for myself. You can imagine this spurred me on no end. I checked the web page regularly and one day what I had decided upon was there. Through Jason, the wanderer through cyberspace, I placed my order, and we asked John at the Design Centre to set the stone for us. He did a truly excellent job, setting my diamond so that the beauty of the stone was there for all to see. I had bought D, VVS1, GIA proportions classed as excellent. This summer I was in the South of France. Do you know Casino Square in Monte Carlo? Cartier is on one corner van Clef on the other. Looking into their windows I thought 'my diamond is just as good as theirs and at a fraction of the cost'!
By the way, my son also bought a lovely diamond which again was so carefully and thoughtfully set at the Design Centre.
I am well pleased with my purchase as is my son of his.

John and Jason at Original Diamonds are a great team.


I was a bit skeptical at first of buying such an expensive item off the internet. But having contacted someone from the guest list, I felt slightly re-assured. So from there I contacted Jason.

Jason was very patient with me.

I thought I was already an "expert" with diamonds after shopping around and talking to diamond "specialists" for about a month. But Jason pointed out there were other stuff I had to look out for.

Anyway, having gone through the "theory lesson" on diamonds I knew roughly which one suited my budget, but there were none in stock. So Jason took the initiative and got one shipped in from Antwerp, and what more could I say. I bought a beautiful stone at an excellent price.

All thanks to Jason, and my now husband who paid for it!!! :D